Looking for some good reading at less cost? Don't mind a bumped corner or scuffed plastic coating on the cover? Or a page or two that didn't stay glued to the spine in the binding process? Don't judge a book by its cover? We occasionally refresh the samples we carry around and we cull the ones that are found when we open a new case and find other imperfections. All the content of the books are intact, so your reading or study of it will be undiminished. Note quantities are limited....

Book Title Author List Price Price  
Between 2 Bays & The Sea Schindler $14.95 $7.48
Boats by Purdy Alan Dinn $39.95 $19.98
Brazil & Beyond Annie Hill $29.95 $14.98
Building Sweet Dream Marc Pettingill $24.95 $12.48
Building The Six-Hour Canoe Butz et al $15.00 $7.50
Building The Weekend Skiff Butz & Montague $19.95 $9.98
Cruising Designs - 4th Edition Benford $15.95 $7.98
Cruising Sailboat Kinetics Danny Greene $29.95 $14.98
The Galley Collection Ann Wilson $16.95 $8.48
Marine Reinforced Plastics Const. John Will $29.95 $14.98
Pocket Cruisers & Tab. Yachts/1 R Benford $17.95 $8.98
Small Craft Plans - Revised Edition Benford $17.95 $8.98
Small Ships - 5th Edition Benford $29.95 $14.98
Voyaging On A Small Income - 2nd ed. Annie Hill $24.95 $12.48
Woodcarving: Decorative Signs & Eagles David Hassell $19.95 $9.98
Of Yachts & Men William Atkin $22.95 $11.48